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April 27th 2007
Kurtis, Two days ago I bought VSEA and today it skyrocketed.
Today alone I tripled my investment into VSEA. since I have done nothing but follow your program,I am up on every option that I have gotten into except for WFR.
thanks, Eric Veiss

Hi Kurtis,
...Using your system,I found IIG about 3 weeks ago and paper traded to test the system (unfortunately only paper traded). I would have bought it at 1.20 for the Jan 07 17.50 call at that time. I look now as the stock has shot up 50% and see that the option is up 550%! And it could go more if the bull market continues.
To say the least, that was the best pick I ever made.
Don Fantry, Sachse, TX, United  States

Dear Kurtis,
Thanks for the tip on the stock AOB. I locked in on Jan 07 calls that cost me .54 average per contract. Today, they are worth just under $3.00 for each option and I expect that they will reach $5.00 per contract before I sell - although I'll adhere closely to profit selling rules should something change. Thanks again - its the biggest gain I've ever made in one transaction.
(No name requested), British Columbia, Canada

Hi Kurtis,I love your trading system!At first, I wasn't sure - the back testing looked great, but still, I was a little hesitant. Then the big moves came...TCL, TLS, which the system picked up, but I didn't trade on. I'm from Australia, so we don't have a lot of ETOs to choose from, but the system picked them all up! TCL was later announced to have been the target of a takeover bid! But your system picked it up as early as a few days earlier! I was elated. Now, I had the confidence in the system!Yesterday, I placed a couple of trades. One of those was for QBE - a call option. Bought at 45c. Sold today for a whopping $1.85!!!! Whoooo Hooo!!!!This system paid for itself more than 50 times over on the first trade. Thank you so much.
Warmest Regards,Your Trading Friend Solomon - Ebay user name : henrykaye

- Just made 60% on my SMH options using the system outlined in the ebook
Comment from E-bay buyer of system : aarine

- I have already recovered over $4,000 in 5 days!!!! Thanks Curtis...
Comment from E-bay buyer of system : likeschool


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