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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am new to the stock market or have never invested.
Is this complex? Will it still work for me?

YES!  If you know nothing about the market - obviously it will take a little more time for the concepts to sink in. The stock market is a big confusing mess - but in the stock options course I make it straight-forward.  I give the the highest quality professional information in simple and understandable terms.

2. I've tried other systems without success.  Will this really work?
If anything will - this will.  Why? Because you have only the best stocks, the best timing, and massive leverage during bull markets.
My feedback is part of my proof! My reputation also adds weight to this system.  So does my 8 week guarantee.  I can't offer anything more than for you to try it and see.  You get your money back if it doesn't work - but it will.

3. Do you provide support?
Yes.  You can ask any question you want. I provide quick and speedy replies to all questions.  From time to time I'll pass along my picks.  I am not only the seller of this product - I am the creator.  You get unlimited support for as long as you invest and use my system.

4. Tell me more about the guarantee.
My guarantee is for 8 weeks and 100% money back. 
What sort of gains are possible?  You've read the testimonials.  This is during bull markets though and your gains depend on your diligence and the market.  If the market is bull 10 months of the year - then you might make 10 fold gains that year.
The guarantee has no strings, no stipulations, no dishonesty. Just 8 weeks of 100% money back.

5. How do I get it - the system that is?
Within 24 hours it will be mailed to your e-mail address. It is in PDF format. 

6. What's the catch?  Do I have to pay for anything else like a monthly subscription fee?
Definitely not!  I detest it when you buy something that is only a thin disguise for more money.  You learn everything you need and never pay a cent for anything more.  All my processes for screening and analyzing are free forever.  There is no catch other than I will charge you a one-time fee to buy the system. That's it.

7. Does it work with all exchanges, including forex, and commodities?
NO! If someone says their system works on everything they are either lying or their system is too general and no good.  This system works on stocks in the stock market.  It can be used to trade indexes but I recommend stocks for more trustworthy and bigger gains.  You'll be in stocks that move 30% for a 300% - 600% profit - often in one or two months.  Indexes do not make that kind of gains.  It will not work on the currency market or commodities.  A few principles could be imported but the system would be watered down.

8. Isn't this a bit expensive?
This is probably the cheapest real opportunity you'll ever see. If it works - which it does - $49.95 is a gift to learn true stock market investing.  In life I learned one thing - you get what you pay for.  Other products are priced cheaper since the information is also almost worthless.  I've priced it so its within everyones reach of buying.  Other systems that work with limited success on the Internet actually charge thousands per profitable trade.

9. Do I need an account to trade?
Yes you need an account.  Use one that has no minimums - that way you can start with $100 if you like.  Also you don't want any extra fees other than a charge per transaction.  I use Optionsxpress but you can use whatever you like.


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