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How can you get the maximum profit from $1000 on the stock market in 1 year?  How much money would it be and what would be the system?

Remember that this is theoretical. We are using optimal assumptions  -- not necessarily the real world.  These are our suppositions:

1. We re-invest 100% of the profits
2. We remain in a bull market for 1 full year
3. We use options for extra leverage
4. No trades go sour in 1 year
5. Transaction fees(1/month) not taken into consideration

So lets start with $1000.  The lowest risk and quickest way I have found to profit take from stocks is to invest long in bull markets.  Going skinny on the details(you can read about the guide on the methodology page), we look for stocks with amazing and increasing fundamental activity.  Then we buy early-on in a strong trend to keep the lowest amount of risk and maximize your profits.  Our goal is to profit take a mere 5 - 10% per month.  Why so little?  Because even with the strongest analysis in existence, quick stock gains beyond 10% becomes much more risky and unsure.

Doesn't sound like much - only 10% maximum per month.  But lets compound that.  Month 1 is $1100, Month 5 is $1610.51, and at the end of one year you would have a little of $3138.43.  A triple-bagger be merely skimming 10% per month.  Not too difficult with good fundamental and technical analysis.
But this is only with investing in the underlying security or stock.

Lets take that a step further and use options trading.  With the proper option you somewhat elevate your risk due to adding in a time factor and a narrower trading range - but these can be lessened to reasonable limits with a proper strategy and system.  The net effect is 10 to 20 times the leverage without allowing the risk factor to get too high.  This means that instead of 5 to 10% profits per month - you are able to double or even triple.  Doubling your option value when the stock goes up 10% within a month is very standard - although much more is possible.
When re-investing the profits this type of options trading relates to about 4.1 million dollars per year from only $1000 starting investment.

Is this possible?  Technically yes.  Is it probable? No.
Most people do not re-invest 100% of the profits.  Some trades you will have to cut your losses on.  As your profits go up you may have more money than available options.  And the bull market may not last the year.

Last year my brother and I were able to make 1500% profits from options despite a choppy market - and we even made some errors since our system wasn't fully developed.  We expect this year to be better.  And some of the people using this system have had much better gains than us - some have 400% profits overnight!

If you want to read more about how we developed this system, and how it works - then follow the links below(or above) to see how we did it.

By clicking the tabs above you will learn

1. Testimonials - real e-mails and E-bay feedback about the options system.
As well you will learn a little bit about me too.

2. Methodology - learn exactly what makes this trading system tick and why I feel so confident in it.  

3. Guarantee - the best guarantee in the business.  No strings, no requirements - simply put if within 8 weeks you don't like the system you get 100% of your money back.

4. FAQ's - I answer the most frequently asked questions such as support, how much money you should start with, what exchanges it works on and more.

5. Order - this is a secure link to buy the "Trader's Guide to Options" with Paypal or Credit Card for your protection.


Does this system work?
I joined Zacks 100K challenge
to prove it.  Results? As of Nov.12 2007 I am ranked #11 out of 30,000 investors.

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